We are Web Application Developers

That's right! We admit it. We're nerds!

We used to be called hackers before the term became associated to computer criminals. We've been in the developer game for a long time, even before Tim Berners-Lee turned the ideas of hypermedia and networking into what we now know as the World Wide Web.

We believe in open source, we have since the early days of computing before the commercialization of computer software dominated the market. The strong growth in open source application development, having been kicked into high gear by Linus Torvalds' release of Linux, is being further enhanced by corporations of all sizes integrating it into their businesses.

Let our team construct your business solution using the right mix of open source, know-how, and creativity.

Web Development

$mad->science("Gone Right!");

We should probably load these paragraphs with a sea of terms and acronyms meant mainly to impress search engines (we will do that a bit later!). Instead let's discuss why now is the time to invest in your web project. Open source has leveled the playing field and unlocked opportunities once reserved only for the largest enterprises.

Innovation is the essence of the open source ideal and one of our core principals, however, we can't say it is key in our process for helping attain your online goals. Our key is surprisingly old school and simple - we refer to it as the lost art of listening.

Tell us the goals, dreams, needs, and concerns of your project and we will guide you on this journey. No matter if your project takes advantage of our project management, vendor sourcing, or our full-service solutions we are always ready to listen.


What goes around comes around ... or maybe it stays around, that holds true for "modern" development methodologies which owe their genesis to industries outside application development. We practice Agile software development techniques, specifically Scrum, with a few twists here or there (pun intended). Among our favorite Scrum benefit is the elimination of wasteful soul-crushing time spent updating wall-covering gantt charts; instead we enjoy the dynamic and adaptive team-oriented planning which is better suited to the variable nature of software development.

Successful agile projects are iterative and inclusive where software is evaluated during its evolution instead at the project's end. Changes in scope and project definition are handled in the normal course of this continuous process. It's no mistake the methodology is called Scrum, named after the rugby formation, because we expect our customers to cozy up in the pack right next to us.

We Use Them. You'll Love Them.

These are some of the places where open source innovation lives, and they happen to be among our favorites.

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