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We know hosting is a ball of confusion! We are NOT a data center with rooms filled with server racks, whirring fans, and blinking LEDs that's not our business but it is necessary. We work with many great companies who have world-class offerings and we resell simple shared hosting as a convenience to our customers.

Each customer and project is different; having unique hosting needs based on different goals, technologies used, and audiences expected. Sometimes projects are websites or applications that fit perfectly in a shared hosting environment, like our EO.hosting offering, and other times projects require high-availability scalable solutions that will handle customer's traffic growth dynamically.

If you need a helping hand choosing a hosting solution, one that fits your project's needs and budget we will find it a proper home. If you already have an existing hosting environment or preferred vendor we are just as comfortable working with your team.


Ruby on Rails

cPanel Access
Unlimited Email Accounts

up to 5 Parked Domains
unlimited Sub Domains
up to 3 Addon Domains


Virtual Private Servers
Dedicated Hosting
Managed Colocation


Solutions in this market are like automobile brands, every customer loves a different one for varied technical and personal reasons. We try not to pick a specific brand favorite instead leveraging their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses as best we can.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

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