Broadcast & Web Video Solutions

When you have mission-critical communication events you need to work with a team that knows how to deliver. Our team can manage and coordinate all aspects of high profile events including:

  • Hybrid Delivery (Internet and Satellite)
  • Multiple Locations
  • Live and On-Demand
  • Registration, Interactive Q&A
  • Multiple Languages with Simultaneous Translation
  • Single and Multiple Cameras

Additional Professional Services including:

  • Creative
  • Script Writing
  • B-Roll, ENG
  • Registration, Interactive Q&A
  • Staging and Staffing
  • Travel Management and more ...

Our team has delivered high-visibility broadcast and non-broadcast events successfully for years, that background results in a high level of comfort working with executives, agencies, press, and venues. Our goal is always to present well planned and executed events that are an enriching experience for all involved.

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Video On Demand (VOD)

Let us develop your Video On Demand solution. Our extensive background in television production and streaming media makes us perfect partners for companies and individuals looking to extend or develop a video brand.

If you're looking to generate revenue, or provide content for free, creating a successful interactive presence in today's market requires engaging your audience in a way that provides meaningful and memorable viewing experiences. Our team can build a solution that uses the latest technologies including HTML5, HLS, DASH, Angular, Bootstrap and more coupled with transcoding technologies that can leverage existing content (much like the ten year old Flash Video presented in the player above).

Our media platform makes it easy for creators to house and manage their content without having to worry about how to include it in their websites. Our platform is driven by content organization through metadata allowing us the attain maximum flexibility without requiring a knowledge of web application development or database administration.


Advanced Workflow makes it easy for portal users to upload and manage their video content and metadata information without having to know every detail of the underlying structure. Manage your content with the ease of drag and drop, automatic transcoding, versioning, and deferred publishing.

Words are Power

What is metadata? It is most simply described as data that describes data. Metadata for your videos could be title, format, creation date, length in time, creator name, and keywords.

Consistent and descriptive metadata design allows media to be organized with great flexibility, accessibility, and usability. Developing an effective metadata strategy increases the viability of video content by maximizing user engagement; whenever users can effectively find media that is relevant to their needs they are more likely to build a relationship with that provider.

Let us work with you to develop a solid metadata strategy that builds upon an effective initial approach and analyzes user interactions to continuously improve. Spend your time working with content (and words ... remember they are power!) and we will deliver a solution that effectively presents them.

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